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Month: January 2019

Enter the Dragon

playing with thoughts, inserting your ownto and fro we swing thependulum of coherenceone foot in the land of reason, the rest of our night we dangleprecariously over the pit ofself-destruction

White Picket Fence

Material possessions are worth nothing.It is love and family that counts for everything. Before the after, I tried to have it all.Long days added up to years of lonely rambling,came to a stop when I found my first true love. He was it.He was special.He was my life. I gave up on international adventures,I gave up…

Dinner with Donald Trump

I met him in 1988. I was fresh off the plane, fresh new meat.
We met at a party thrown by my agency.
I will never forget him. Pinched lips and all.
Notoriously gregarious, Donald was always in attendance when there was a fete where models could be counted as a dime a dozen.
I remember him cruising the crowd. Surveying the landscape. I knew from day one that he was a womanizer.