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7 Top Publisher Tips Authors Need To Be Awesome

Everyone is a writer. A Poet. An essayist. A memoirist. You encounter creative genius every day on social media and online. Musings of souls that must emerge. They are sharing truths, for validation of thoughts and actions and sharing emotions, releasing those sparks with the hope of connection.

When a writer decides to become a “pro” who cultivates their thoughts on a grander scale, they want their words published! No longer is the social media outlet enough. A wider audience needs to be secured, a tribe built, a network made.

Five years ago I envisioned and implemented a platform for diverse works from writers – well known, and unknown – Feminine Collective. The plan was simple: raw and unfiltered — no commercial fluff. A pure human experience, shared. Painful or not. But please don’t hold back.

As the years have rolled on, I have discovered a few traits that all writers seem to share, as well as, a few mistakes that writers seemingly overlook. So here are my tips to help you get noticed and help you along the way.

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