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“With this poetry collection writer and supermodel, Julie Anderson traverses
the psychological landscape of the modern American woman with fearlessness and bravado
that is as remarkable to behold as it is enthralling to read.
Covering a wide range of subject matter that includes physical and sexual abuse, drug addiction, eating disorders, mental health, sex and sexuality and
religious belief, she deftly buttresses poems that are at times searing, confessional and cathartic with
ones that are drenched with an indomitable spirit and determination to survive
and prosper in the face of whatever life may bring her way.”

Feminine Collective: Raw and Unfiltered Vol 1: Selected Essays and Poems on Relationships with Self and Others

“Feminine Collective’s first anthology, Raw and Unfiltered (Vol. 1)
is both inspiring and challenging.
This is a collection of poetry and prose in which the writers truly reveal their authentic selves in a way that is honest and genuine.
Some is difficult to read.
Painful revelations from wounded individuals who bravely and generously share their stories.
Some is introspective while others demand you to reconsider your own thoughts.
All of what is included is inspiring.
It is truly remarkable that such incredible people are willing to share a part of themselves like this.”

Love Notes From Humanity: The Lust, Love & Loss Collection 

“LOVED LOVED LOVED this collection of real, gritty, heartfelt poems.
No airy-fairy poetry here.
This anthology will thrill poetry lovers AND those who mistakenly believe they don’t enjoy poetry!
This will change your minds and open your hearts!
I recommend it highly, and let’s remember, a percentage of the proceeds goes to suicide prevention.
Feminine Collective is a great mouthpiece for women, and for men who truly love and respect women, and honor their own inner feminine.”