The Art of Being a Woman in a Man’s World

Cinderella and a prince. Straight A’s and a college sweetheart.Smiles, beauty and breathtaking innocence.

The husband of her dreams. Children. A house with a white picket fence. Endless days of marital bliss.

A career that is exciting. Breaking boundaries. Excelling in all pursuits. Traveling to parts unknown.

Those are the dreams deposited at the feet of every freshly minted little girl. What a dubious burden delivered wrapped in layers; life is not a fairytale or a nursery rhyme after all.

Drifting past our mid 20’s it dawns on us that we are women. The little girl in us is gone.

We start to search high and low for strength, wisdom, and grace. We need guidance. We watch our fellow females for clues on how to achieve the perfect balance within ourselves.  Unfortunately because of the nature of media and the pace of our lives, the humble meme has become our team leader.

I have noticed a disturbing trend. We seem to collectively rally behind memes that express encouragement for women that have not only gone nuts but also for women who have decided that they own (or need) a set of testicles.  We LOVE these women:

“Women who drink whiskey like a man.”

“Women who don’t give a f*ck like a man.”

“Women who have sex like they mean it, like a man.”

When did we decide that our existence—our very being—should be celebrated only when we “act like a man?”

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