The Warriors

a robber
rubbed the edges of
her tenet,
eroding the pillars of confidence
that she adhered to,
ones that she constantly held- against daily attacks
on her spirit.

She is naked while dreaming.
She is naked,
living in a land of
‘It never was this way before’
She is naked while fighting.

Her war cry can be heard from behind closed doors. Still no relief.
Secret truths blasted wide open because
she was brave – no matter what he said
defiant against his aggression
strong conviction holding fast her shield.
She is a warrior.

She fights on behalf of her unrealized desires and her daughters’
dreams. All of them saved.
They are the bullets that she carries in her heart.
Her foes didn’t see her coming, down one by one.
Watch me. The time has come.

She knows that her most powerful weapon is one forged with fury,
indestructible because of it’s two components,
truth and unwavering courage.

She must also remember the stories,
the ones that are written in the Forever Book of Time,
and ones from the ongoing battles of  Herstoryand History.
With the global wails of NO and ME TOO ringing in her ears she
shields herself from the opposition by
standing next to Equality For All.
The time has come.

With the power of collective thought, they have
vowed allegiance to this new way of living, being decent.
They face a ring of fire.
The cumulative war cry rattled the oaks of biased behavior that are
rooted in hate, watered with violence.

A battalion of souls who want peace and who live with reverence in their hearts stepped up and forward,
ready to stand firm on the basis of morality.
Their silent screams conveyed, loud enough to incinerate the enduring
negative voices, messages, actions, and violence.

Exposed after the fire –
among the shattered glass,
heads silently rolled down halls.
The unthinkable happened.

No longer will positions of power be held by coddled assailants.
No longer will societal bias be the driving force behind all decisions.
No longer will anyone be considered less than.
The time has come.

Watch me, the time is now.



Photo Credit: blamethecraneFlickr via Compfightcc